Technology Crops International

Fund I - Exited Investment

Technology Crops International (TCI) is a global leader in the development, commercialization and delivery of plant oils and products from high-value specialty crops such as high erucic acid rapeseed, high oleic sunflower, meadowfoam, borage, linseed, red wheat, canary seed, millet, and naked oats.  Utilizing Crop Assured 365®, TCI handles all steps from crop management through oilseed processing and delivery.  The company serves the specialist nutrition, medical food, pharmaceutical, personal care, and industrial chemical industries.  TCI has also developed and received FDA approval for a sustainable, non-GMO source of SDA-based Omega-3 fatty acids, AhiFlower™ Oil (

Add-on Acquisition:  In March 2014, TCI acquired Premium Crops Ltd, a leading provider of premium and specialist crops, based in the United Kingdom.  Premium Crops focuses on spring and winter linseed, red wheat, canary seed, millet, and naked oats.

Exit Information:  The TCI business was exited in three segments.  In June 2015, TCI announced the sale of its U.S. specialty crops business to Perdue AgriBusiness LLC.  In December 2017, TCI announced the sale of its UK specialty trader business, Premium Crops Ltd., to Baywa AG UK subsidiary Cefetra Ltd.  And, in November 2018, TCI announced the sale of its remaining Natures Crops and AhiFlower business to existing management.

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