La Crosse Seed

Fund I - Exited Investment

La Crosse Seed (LAX) is an industry leader in the non-row crop seed category.  The company is a producer, marketer and wholesaler of branded field seeds (alfalfa, clovers, hay & pasture mixes, and various forage grasses), turf seeds, and other specialty products, including:  cover crops; native grasses & wildflowers; inoculants & specialty growth enhancement products; fertilizer; and, erosion control products.  Products are marketed through an extensive dealer network throughout the U.S.

Add-on Acquisition:  In August 2011, LAX acquired Winfield Solutions’ forage seed, turf seed, and wildlife food plot businesses including the Forage First™, Earth Carpet™ and Brier Ridge™ brands and associated product lines sold throughout the Midwest.

Add-on Acquisition:  In June 2016, LAX acquired the entire family of brands of Cover Crop Solutions, LLC including the brand names Cover Crop Solutions®, Tillage Radish®, Tillage RootMax®, Tillage Sunn®, as well as the entire suite of the popular TillageMax mixes such as Dover®, Bristol®, and others.  LAX has become the exclusive owner of the brands in both the United States and internationally.

Exit Information:  As a result of the company’s expertise in the non-row crop seed category (forage grasses, turf grasses and cover crops), brand recognition, strong employees and leadership team, and solid U.S. presence, the business was exited in June 2018 to DLF Pickseed, a wholly owned subsidiary of DLF Seeds A/S.  The acquisition complemented DLF’s United States domestic platform and global leadership position within the cool season turfgrass and forage seed markets.  The U.S. operations of La Crosse Seed remain headquartered in La Crosse, WI.

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